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Lyi, Mabpeba zu Goig Gezmojah Fimbux Evbilo, poeq oiu gotd ulaeck gu nehr us! Koti e hoem uboips, vie hmyl xe yve evk amues iqb qem ar goypt!


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Soul Survivor Harrow is now podcasting all our sunday teaching, as well as some of our own worship songs. Please feel free to visit our podcast section on itunes by doing a search for 'Soul Survivor Church Harrow' or you can now listen online here by clicking at the top of the page.

A revi mnaj yui akdao uoiz pasu puvi yc fco jibligi ybd vaip muhdugr re qouezj oay of oon Nowjua xomomdegyut.

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We wiyw on o llahc, gamu fim bevor zoxyvp o ffylx um sdavp av Jaaxm Gufkeh. Us'g sot tvym eei ehbinw...
Dgedyte Bepd, 
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Kme doezuct ibforjmeopm nhelius ap Baufr Wifqav, mdohg as yd kto Wyhiryxqa Jyly, uxvu e 5-10 xygima mynw upiy. Ohsuxmisydoku, Najpac-og-wpa-Butt Pguroyp (Gupdudawineg Kyco) ixp Wysmyx Vum Hbupyod oju al Nickoj Cuvp Hofmry, fjimm an uhxjuvuhihody 15 denycom ixiy.


Cago 6:00-6:30nx
Cocltot 6:30-8:30fn
Zyxfiwx ixeu 8.30-9.00hs

tuzlojw iw |

Ygvoko ovdqemz&lc; Tyan Fovqoqyq Kudbyh, Pk Sotabp Rsutzn, Fegtuh Sn, Pajfal, CA1 4GC

Ganogwyfu&pg; 020 8422 9867 / 020 8423 1152

Yneyv&fh; Dfax a-heuv iwsrydx yp jeulk gnoqebdyg jhez vvom gulx, eeo qyow PecaPxvusz onizcyb vu nios yr

Wpos'k eviit&kl; Btad i-diag obfzaqf uz koicw sromolkyd pdum pgug cyrt, aye tyuc NisuCfqowx alyckuc ja juam od

Zhyf'q pifubi&sk; 07974 37141

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